Rifle Camp Fire Company No. 3

Fire Co 1The Rifle Camp Fire Company #3 nicknamed the "Ridge Runners" came into being in 1922 as a result of the foresight and hard work of a group of outstanding West Paterson residents, who realized a need for a third fire company.
The first meeting of this group was held in June 1922. The Passaic Valley Hose Co. #2 of West Paterson had received a new fire engine and offered it’s old engine to the Rifle Camp Road group, provided the latter would show enough interest to organize a fire company in accordance with the rules and regulations of the State of New Jersey.

October 1922 was a big month in the history of the Rifle Camp Fire Company. In this month the incorporation papers were filed and the fire engine was received from the Passaic Valley Hose Company. At this point Cassons’ Barn was selected to house the equipment. This was approximately one half mile from the present site of the firehouse.

In April 1923 a deed was secured for a new firehouse from the Zurcher family. In May of the same year, construction of the new firehouse began. Selling bonds to interested parties derived funds for the building. With the fire engine from Company #2 and the first requisition from the Borough, two pairs of boots, two rubber coats, one ax, two lanterns, and four five-gallon Indian Tanks were obtained giving our company its start. In the early days of the fire company, the borough council purchased a new REO Hose Wagon.

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